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About Carley Lamps™

In 1943 James Carley started working as a lamp apprentice at his Uncle's factory, Chicago Miniature Lamps. After serving in the U.S. Marines, graduating from the University of Ilinois and again working for Chicago Miniature Lamps, James Carley started his first company in Los Angeles, California in 1960.

Los Angeles Miniature products or "Lamps" quickly gained a reputation for building high quality miniature lamps exactly to customer specifications. Lamps' reputation continued to grow as NASA chose James Carley to build special miniature lamps for the Apollo space shot, Voyager probe and most recently the space shuttle. Carley Lamps™ enjoyed rapid growth and success in the Aerospace Industry in the 1970's & 1980's.

To maintain its technical excellence in the miniature lamps industry and continue to develop the company, James Carley expanded Carley Lamps™ product range and introduced high intensity miniature lamps to the flashlight industry in the early 1980's. Now in the 21st century manufacturers of products for Professional Security, Police, Firefighters, and Special Forces prefer and request Carley Lamp for their flashlights and weapons-mounted illumination systems. Carley Lamps™ is the largest producer of quality flashlight lamps in the world.

In early 1990 Carley Lamps™ was approached to develop a high intensity medical lamp for a hand held Fiber Optic Laryngoscope. Curtis Carley, Carley Lamps™' Vice President developed and patented the Mediflector© brand medical lamp. The Mediflector© medical lamp incorporates a miniature reflector around a high intensity Gas Filled Lamp. The Fiber Optic Industry has been quick to capitalize on the performance of the Mediflector© and since that time, Carley has experienced intense growth in the Medical Illumination field.

Today, Carley Lamps™ has its Corporate Headquarters, core R&D and Engineering with full manufacturing capabilities housed in Torrance, CA with the majority of its production being done in Mexicali, BC. Carley began its operations in Mexicale back in 1988 and has a well-established, long-term work force in place.

Quality Products in conjunction with reasonable prices and genuine customer support have provided Carley Lamps™ with a healthy business and large base of faithful customers.